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Jun 23, 2016

Dear David Alan,

I met "Edward" at work six years ago. We were instantly attracted to each other and soon began an affair. We are both married to others.

I never thought I could stray outside my marriage, even though my marriage has been very lonely. I love Edward more than I ever thought possible, but even though he has strong feelings for me, he says he will never file for divorce from his wife.

We are still involved, but I am heartbroken that he doesn't want me enough to leave her. He has never said that he loves his wife, just that he doesn't believe in divorce. I have never felt such a strong connection with anyone, ever!

My head tells me to forget him, but my heart won't allow it. I am so sad and depressed that I can't function some days. How can I move past this man and regain my self-worth? -- NEED TO MOVE FORWARD

Twitter: @ConfessionRadio
Facebook: ConfessionRadio