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Jun 28, 2016

My son chose his cousin, "Tim," as best man for his wedding. Tim gave a speech about how my son was like a little brother to him and mentioned some of the pranks he would play on my son. It was extremely funny, but the reality is that the pranks were quite cruel.

My nephew got very drunk at the wedding, and while my son was dancing with his new bride, a final prank was pulled. Tim approached my son from behind and gave him a huge "wedgie," which tore my son's expensive wedding pants apart. My son was very angry. His new bride appeared shocked, and it was a terrible ending to an otherwise beautiful wedding.

My sister promised me that Tim would "make it right." It's now four weeks later, and I have learned that my son immediately apologized to his cousin for his reaction (which was understandable). Tim did not apologize and has not accepted any accountability. I thought perhaps his wedding gift would cover the cost of the pants, but my son says it was less than the cost of the thank-you gift my son and his wife gave my nephew.

My sister and her son are frugal, and she now says that her son needs to save his money. Any suggestions other than Judge Judy? -- WEDDING WEDGIE


Twitter: @ConfessionRadio
Facebook: ConfessionRadio